March 21, 2015


Permission to be torn between awe & ugh.


5 Responses to “”

  1. Jo said

    I have the same view this morning. Well, almost. I’m leaning towards the awe, even if it is the first day of Spring. Actually, maybe that makes it even better. It’s always fun when one of your posts arrive. I love your project. Permission to gloat.

    • Matthew Burgess said

      Jo! I’m leaning towards awe too. You’re the best permission slip reader. Did you know it was featured in a magazine recently? I put something up on “news” on my website: Permission to gloat indeed!

      • Jo said

        Thank you for putting your website link and the feature in front of me. I do love your posts. Those moments in between are simply dreadful. I sit and sit and sit waiting for permission. It’s always such a relief. I’m saying that lovingly, not sarcastic. I do love your work.

        Permission to visit anytime.

      • Jo said

        Hi Matthew,

        I enjoyed the article and your website. I also hold that vision of Weather Eye Out in book form. I have since I first saw your work.

        Thanks again.

        All the best,

  2. Matthew Burgess said

    Dear Jo! Thanks for checking out the Ensler interview and all that. You are so kind! Thanks, too, for “holding the vision.” Do you think “Permission Statement” works? No one ever really understood “Weather Eye Out” and well, permission to try something new?

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